Vegan Fried Chicken

Vegan fried chicken like you've never tasted before - seriously. It's meaty, flavoursome, moist inside and super crispy outside. 

- Vegan chicken  – Gram flour – Plant milk  – Cider vinegar – Sriracha  – Plain white flour – Corn flour   – Sea salt & black pepper – Old bay seasoning


Make the vegan chicken! You'll need to do this in advance (unless you're using a store-bought alternative or mushrooms instead).

Step 1

Make the batter! For this recipe our batter is a tale of two mixing bowls! We're going to make a wet batter and a dry flour dredge. 

Step 2

Coat the vegan chicken! Then dunk in the flour mixture, then into the wet batter then BACK into the flour mixture. Double coating  keeps everything super crunchy!

Step 3

Fry the vegan chicken! The best oil for deep frying is either plain vegetable oil or sunflower oil. You want to get it up to around 170c/340f.

Step 4

Serve while hot. Unfortunately, like regular fried chicken, vegan fried chicken down't age too well. You want to eat it almost immediately after frying, if possible.

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